Cybersecurity and data protection

Cybersecurity and data protection

Cybersecurity and data protection
Cybersecurity, protection and management of Information Systems risks

Cybersecurity consists of the implementation of security measures inherent to a company's IT environment. This includes recommendations on security policies, defense processes to put in place, and the best technologies to use to guard against attacks.

The security measures commonly put in place by CIOs make it possible to prevent and act if necessary:

  • Protection of infrastructures and networks : use of firewalls and other solutions for detecting attacks and intrusions (e.g. VPN, Web gateways, Application Filtering, ...)
  • Identity management : administration and securing of identities and access (AAA protocol)
  • Prevention against Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware : deployment of solutions to counter data loss, leakage and theft
  • Penetration testing, attack simulation : exercises to test the effectiveness of the measures applied by the IT department, with a view to improving the reaction time and resilience of systems
  • Security audit : evaluation of the security of IS from an Applications, Systems and Networks perspective
  • Business continuity plan : Implementation of a strategy and action plan to ensure the recovery and continuity of activities after any event seriously disrupting the operation of the company under normal conditions
  • Training and awareness for users : training and awareness missions for employees on safety rules and good practices

Cybersecurity is therefore a key issue for CIOs, who must deploy proactive measures and be able to react quickly in the event of a threat to protect the company's digital assets.

The need for an efficient cybersecurity policy in a company

Cybersecurity addresses many challenges for a business, including:

  • Protection of sensitive data : via the security processes put in place, a company can protect its critical data assets against any malicious external action (leak, theft, ...)
  • Business continuity : with the right cybersecurity measures, downtime caused by cyber-attacks can be avoided.
  • Regulatory compliance : several measures taken by companies respond to regulatory constraints imposed by countries to protect citizens.
  • Working in a hybrid environment : the use of on-premise (on-premises) or cloud solutions, SASE architecture, remote working, shared resources and data exchange requires comprehensive approach to protecting enterprise data
  • Customer satisfaction : in terms of image, communicating on the proper protection of a company's data and systems helps to strengthen the trust of customers and partners.
  • Long-term cost reduction : even if the implementation of security measures involves short-term costs, risk prevention from (downtime, customer damage, disrupted activity, tarnished reputation, etc.) is more than profitable on the long term
Our Cybersecurity Services Offerings

Logigroup's cybersecurity offer includes several services:

  • SAP (Security Insurance Plan) : design of SAP to identify risks and vulnerabilities, and to put in place adequate measures to manage them.
  • DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) : design of DRP to get back in working order quickly in the event of an incident.
  • RP (Remediation Plan) : designing RP to fix the security vulnerabilities in the current systems
  • BCP (Business Continuity Plan) : design of BCP to ensure the continuity of their operations in the event of a service interruption
  • Architecture consulting and ISSP (Information Systems Security Policy) : help CIOs design secure networks and systems and implement IT security management policies and measures
  • Security Operations Center : to monitor IT security, track and detect incidents in real time to act quickly in the event of a threat
  • Application audit (all devices) : to check the security of all applications used by the company, regardless of the equipment (desktop, mobile, tablet, ...)
  • Audit de réseaux et systèmes : to ensure the security of the networks and systems used by the company
  • Penetration testing : to assess attack readiness and resilience of deployed solutions
  • Data protection : to protect company data, including personal data (GDPR compliance)
  • Cybersecurity training and awareness : provide the necessary training to help our customers master good security practices and apply them daily
  • Crisis management : helping our clients ensure efficient and effective communication, internal and external, in the event of an attack-related crisis
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