Kubernetes and microservices

Kubernetes and microservices

Kubernetes and microservices

Kubernetes, for easier management of your containerized applications

Kubernetes is an open-source container management solution that can be used as part of microservices deployment. Kubernetes simplifies microservices management by automating the management of containerized applications.

By using Kubernetes to deploy microservices, developers benefit from a more flexible and resilient infrastructure. This solution enables development teams to deploy faster and more agility, while ensuring the stability of production services.

Kubernetes Service allows you to easily model microservices in Kubernetes. Communication between departments and external clients is done through API gateways. Storage and security are also managed by the platform to ensure optimal reliability. In addition to that, performance is not left out, Kubernetes and microservices are a good combination for managing scalability efficiently and cope with traffic and load peaks.

In conclusion, Kubernetes is a solution of choice for companies using microservices application development infrastructures, whether on-premises, hybrid or cloud.

The benefits of Kubernetes for implementing microservices

  • Simplified and rapid deployment of microservices with encapsulation in independent containers
  • High availability and efficient management of resources across diverse environments through automated scaling of microservices
  • Autonomy and automation of microservices setup, deployment, and upgrades
  • Resilience to downtime and ease of maintenance of microservices-based applications
  • Scalability with possibility to horizontally scale microservices by creating multiple replicas of each service, to meet growing demand
  • Autoscaling mechanisms that automatically adjust the number of microservices replicas against performance and load metrics

Our Kubernetes offering with microservices

  • Consulting and auditing : consulting services to set up a Kubernetes infrastructure suitable for microservices management
  • Development : microservices development offering to support our partners in the design and deployment of new services
  • Migration : support in the migration of existing microservices infrastructures to Kubernetes
  • Maintenance : guidance on maintaining and securing Kubernetes infrastructures
  • Integration : assistance with implementing the integration and migration strategy to Kubernetes for microservices
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