Third Party Testing (TPT)

Tierce maintenance applicative (TMA)

Third Party Testing (TPT)

The Third Party Testing allows you to outsource the existing application recipe in order to improve its quality and minimize anomalies before it goes into production.

The advantages of a Third Party Testing - TPT
  • Increased user grip thanks to better quality
  • A well-defined testing process and compliant methodology
  • Application of QA (Quality Assurance) standards
  • A better return on investment thanks to a better application: security, performance, anomaly, maintainability and code quality
Our Third Party Testing offer - TPT
  • Preliminary study : study of the need, subdivision, planning, strategies definition of Quality control and Quality assurance (QC / QA)
  • Preparation of the technical acceptance : definition of best development practices, consistency of technical choices and real needs, implementation of specialized tools for prior or real-time inspection such as Sonar
  • Preparation of the application test : definition of the acceptance strategy, development of the test plan and acceptance books, implementation of specialized environments and tools, preparation of test sets
  • Design and development of automated tests
  • Piloting and execution of the recipe : carrying out unit, functional, technical, non-regression, performance, security, cross-platform and responsive tests.
  • Reporting and monitoring: management of anomalies and improvements to be made
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