Angular Development

Angular Development

Angular is a commonly used JavaScript Framework for application development, to wit cross-platform desktop, web applications and mobile applications. We provide a pre development service with Angular Framework.

Our development offers with Angular

We develop performant and robust applications thanks to the alliance of an expert web development team and a proven methodology. We offer a wide range of services around the Angular Framework :

  • Audit and analysis of existing applications
  • Defining front-end architecture based on Angular Framework (design, planning, oversight)
  • Web and mobile application conception
  • Web development based on the Angular Framework
  • Mobile development based on the Angular Framework
  • Angular integration and redesign of existing front-office application
  • Third Party Maintenance (TPM) of applications based on the Angular Framework

We support all versions of the Angular JS Framework to Angular 6 and higher.

Reasons to choose Angular framework

Angular is mostly used for front-end development. Whether for a web or mobile application, the benefits of developing with Angular are numerous :

  • Increased performance
  • Cross-platform development
  • Widely used for Mobile Development (Angular Framework), allowing to build native applications.
  • Better productivity thanks to adapted IDEs and its reusable components
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