Reporting and data visualization tools (Dataviz)

Reporting and data visualization tools (Dataviz)


Reporting and Dataviz to manipulate, visualize, and analyze data

In a BI strategy, the reporting is intended to be an analytical to support decision-making. It combines diverse data from multiple sources in dashboards. When we talk about the graphic visualization of complex data, we are in the precise field of Dataviz or data visualization.

Dataviz is a representation method for visuals and graphs that puts the user experience at the center of its priority. Beyond transforming data into reporting, the rendering must be aesthetic, readable, and consistent for effective decision-making.

We have listed below the main reporting and Dataviz tools :

Power BI

  • Offers a wide range of data visualization options (charts, dashboards, maps, ...) allowing users to better understand their data and take benefit from it

Crystal Report

  • Frequently used by companies to create management reports, financial statements and other data analysis for decision-making


  • An American player recognized as one of the market leaders in the field of data analysis, used by many large organizations around the world


  • Stands out for its ability to process large amounts of data and provide flexibility in reporting and dashboarding


  • Stands out for its flexibility and ability to integrate data from different sources, making it a popular option for companies wishing to manage and analyze their data efficiently

Google Data Studio

  • Easy to use and easy to integrate with other tools in the Google suite, making it a popular option for companies already connected to Google or looking to discover an effective solution within everyone's reach

Ergonomics, ease of configuration and diversity of views are keys to a successful implementation. The right tool is intuitive and easy to use, despite the complexity of the data and the analysis or visuals to be made.

Through these solutions, the different departments can monitor their activities in an analytical and visual way. In the era of Data Driven Decisions, Big Data and agility, Dataviz makes it possible to process large complex data, to analyze, understand and predict.

In conclusion, any company exploiting its data in a structured way will be better able to understand trends, anticipate threats and seize opportunities.


The main advantages of reporting tools and dataviz

Effective decision-making

  • Reporting and data visualization tools allow companies to better understand and use their data for targeted and efficient decision-making

Improved data quality

  • In addition to making the reports easier to understand, the Reporting systems also allow improved data quality control by enabling the possibility of adding data quality correction processes

Boosted performance

  • By controlling their data, companies can better identify the strengths and weaknesses of their business, the threats and opportunities of their environment, and thus adjust their action plans

Clear and targeted communication

  • Through better presentation and visualization of data, communication within the company is through better presentation and visualization of data, communication within the company is facilitated, as well as the various external stakeholders

Optimized time

  • Automating the reporting process saves company time and allows its resources to focus on higher added value tasks


Our offer around reporting and data visualization (Dataviz)

Report Design Services

  • Help our partners create detailed reports and dashboards from their data, using the right reporting and data visualization tools

Reporting and data visualization application development services

  • Help our customers develop recustomized or (ad hoc) reporting applications to meet their specific data recovery and visualization needs


  • Provide training to users on the best practices of reporting and data visualization tools

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