Jenkins Integration

Jenkins Integration

Jenkins Integration
Configure Jenkins for your CI/CD pipeline

Jenkins, created in 2011, is an open source tool for continuous CI/CD integration and deployment.

It is a solution that automates certain phases of application development such as :

  • Build
  • Tests
  • Deployment

Thus, after any changes made to the code, the recompilation is done automatically. This is followed by automated testing via the integrated JUnit framework, which alerts developers in the event of an anomaly.

Jenkins is developed in Java and can be used on any platform, including the cloud. It runs on its own web server, or via a servlet container (e.g. Apache Tomcat).

Finally, Jenkins offers more than 1700 plugins, including the Jenkins Pipeline, via its Update Center. These releases are regularly updated and can be customized and integrated with other DevOps tools.

Benefits of Jenkins
  • Open-source solution : free and Open-source software, allowing to avoid licensing costs, ...
  • Simple installation : Availability of ready-to-install packages for all types of operating systems such as Windows, macOS X, or Unix
  • Easy setup : Ergonomic and intuitive web interface with built-in help
  • Extensibility : through the various plugins offered, Jenkins can be used for simple projects as well as those requiring a CI/CD server
  • Feedback : very active community, allowing to quickly find the answers to the problems encountered
  • Load balancing : possibility of distributing the working load in an optimized manner over several machines located in several different locations
Our offer around Jenkins
  • Development of application, web and software solutions integrating the Jenkins tool, in order to allow a CI/CD approach :
    • Integration and configuration of the Jenkins tool
    • Defining a CI/CD policy
    • CI/CD pipeline design and development (continuous integration and deployment)
    • Test automation
  • Code debugging and implementation of software corrections
  • Tool maintenance and long-term support
  • Addition of complementary modules to existing solutions
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