Scalable web applications with C# and ASP.NET

Application development in C# with ASP.NET (or ASP.Net Core) makes it possible to create reliable and efficient web applications, which integrate perfectly with the Microsoft ecosystem.

ASP.Net is a cross-platform, open source, and promotes the design of applications with modern out-of-the-box features. It also offers several frameworks including Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC.

The most advanced version of ASP.NET, called ASP.NET Core, is an infrastructure deployable locally under several OS such as Windows, MacOS or Linux, but also On-Premise, on the Cloud or in containers, giving the possibility to create powerful web services. Among the advantages we can note the integrated dependency injection function or the modular query pipeline facilitating continuous integration (CI/CD) and automated testing in a DevOps context.

Finally, ASP.NET (or ASP.Net Core) application development is particularly suitable for CIOs who need a scalable solution capable of managing complex business processes.

The benefits of application development in ASP.NET

  • Simplicity : C# is a well-known and popular programming language that is easy to manipulate, with a fast learning curve. Existing libraries (of code or functionality) further simplify the process
  • Security : ASP.NET works with Internet Information Services (IIS) security and provides built-in security features, such as authentication, authorization, and role management to help protect against malicious acts
  • Performance : Just In Time (JIT) compilation optimizes code and turnaround times for even more performance
  • Scalability : ASP.NET frameworks are designed for scalable web applications, capable of operating with large volumes of data
  • Integration : Applications developed in C# with ASP.NET can interact with existing systems such as databases, software, ...

Our C# and ASP.NET Development offer

Logigroup supports you through carrying out IT engineering projects using Microsoft .NET technology.

Our dedicated team, composed of qualified and experienced engineers, will allow you to benefit from their technical and methodological expertise on C# technologies with

In addition, in order to optimize the productivity and profitability of your project, Logigroup sets up a structure specially designed to ensure a rapid start and implementation of your software development projects.

Tools, Frameworks and main architectures used by our teams

  • Programming languages : C++, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.Net Core
  • Programming types : Web Forms ASP.Net, ASP.Net Core MVC, and API
  • Software architectures : Microservices, MVC (Model-View-Controller), N-Tiers, etc.
  • Application Server : IIS
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