AWS AI for companies, developers and Data Scientists

AWS AI for companies, developers and Data Scientists

The giant Amazon has launched AWS AI, its range of Cloud services dedicated to AI. These integrate easily with existing business applications and allow developers and Data Scientists to accelerate the transition to generative AI and Machine Learning. The infrastructure and tools offered by the platform help design, train, and deploy models tailored to the needs of each company.

AWS AI for companies

Innovative companies are continually looking to streamline operations, personalize customer experiences and automate processes. AWS offers a full range of AI services to meet these needs, including :

  • Amazon Lex : create conversational channels (e.g. Chatbots) to improve customer interaction and experience, and simplify common tasks related to customer relations
  • Amazon Polly : transforming text into natural speech, giving companies the opportunity to implement a new voice dimension to their applications, and to make their services accessible to as many people as possible
  • Amazon Rekognition : analyze, thanks to recognition APIs, a large quantity of images and videos in streaming or archive, thus promoting the development of object detection, facial recognition, etc. applications
  • Amazon Forecast : leverage deep repositories of historical data to develop predictions and take personalized, proactive, and anticipatory approaches
  • Amazon Fraud Detector : prevent and Block Online Fraud to Better Manage Critical Situations and Protect

AWS AI for developers

Developers play a critical role in integrating AI into the company's information system. AWS offers several tools to help them along the way, including :

  • AWS Lambda : event Computation Service to Execute Code Without Infrastructure Allocation
  • DevOps Guru, Guru Reviewer, and Guru Profiler : tools to support application coding, including improving availability, automatically reviewing, and removing inefficient code

AWS AI for Data Scientists

Data scientists, on the other hand, leverage AI to extract and analyze useful knowledge from massive volumes of data, then use it to develop predictive models. AWS offers services to meet their needs, including :

  • Amazon Redshift : cloud-based data warehouse for fast execution of large queries, advanced data analysis, and complex modeling
  • Amazon SageMaker : a platform for end-to-end MLOps development and deployment of machine learning models

Our AWS AI offering

  • Consulting : help in the choice of the best AI solution taking into account the existing situation and your current business objectives
  • Development : design, development and training of AI models, from requirement engineering to integration with your current applications
  • Integration : facilitate the migration of AI applications to dedicated AI cloud platforms and integration with the systems and data streams needed for modeling
  • Training : train and raise awareness among employees, by introducing them to best practices in AI and the details of the solutions used
  • Maintenance : provide real and ongoing support to maintain, update and secure AI applications
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