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Development with Symfony


Web application development using Symfony

Symfony is an open-source PHP framework to facilitate the development of complex and scalable web applications.

It offers a modular and logical structure as well as a set of useful libraries to optimize development times while avoiding repetitive tasks.

Symfony uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture and relies on Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to better structure and organize code. It's also a great way to create APIs.

Security is not to be outdone since the framework benefits from advanced features such as the SecurityBundle to manage authentications and authorizations, data validation or CSRF and XSS protections.

The reduction of development time and costs, performance levels and scalability potential make Symfony a solution of choice for CIOs.


The benefits of developing with Symfony


  • Allows you to develop web applications efficiently and quickly, thanks to a modular structure which is also feature-rich


  • Demonstrates high performance thanks to its caching and loading speed optimization features


  • Offers advanced security tools, allowing you to manage authentication, authorizations and protect against attacks such as CSRF, SQL injection, ...


  • Brings together a large community of developers working for regular updates, bug fixes and continuous improvement of the security capabilities of web applications


  • Allows optimal flexibility and constant scalability due to its fully customizable feature, whether at the model or view level (business logic / user interface)


When to use Symfony ?

  • Development of a web platform - examples: networking websites, ...
  • Business application development - examples: CRM, ERP, ...
  • Implementation of web services or creation of APIs
  • Development of an intranet or extranet


Our service offer around Symfony

  • Analysis of existing platforms developed in Symfony
  • Web Applications Design
  • Business applications or web platform development
  • Third-party applications maintenance (TPAM)

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