Azure AI for companies, developers and Data Scientists

Azure AI for companies, developers and Data Scientists

Microsoft entered the AI ​​race by creating Azure AI, its portfolio of advanced AI products and services. This complete solution was designed to equip companies, developers, and Data Scientists in their AI approach. Via various tools, APIs and predefined AI models, Azure AI provides the tools to prepare, develop and deploy personalized Machine Learning models.

Azure AI for companies

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve customer relations, operational risk management and cost optimization. AI now makes it possible to respond to these issues thanks to advanced data processing and modeling. In this sense, Microsoft Azure offers a set of dedicated services :

  • Azure Applied AI Services : specialized AI services for specific use cases (intelligent document processing, customer service personalization, business insights development, etc.) and facilitate the development with integrated and proven business logic
  • Azure Cognitive Services : a set of cognitive APIs that can be customized and integrated with existing applications, including OpenAI services such as Chat GPT-4 or Azure AI Bot Service, and can use speech recognition, visual reading, and language
  • Azure Machine Learning : an integrated solution for designing, training, automating, and deploying machine learning-based models
  • Infrastructure Azure AI : AI supercomputing infrastructure that facilitates the development of large-scale models and optimizes performance when dealing with large loads and resources needs

Azure AI for developers

Microsoft Azure offers developers a number of tools, products, and services to implement AI projects, including :

  • Azure Cognitive Search : an intelligent search and indexing service that helps you navigate applications that highlight text to users
  • Azure Databricks : built on Apache Spark, a collaborative analytics solution that enables developers to conduct in-depth data analysis and develop relevant insights
  • Azure Bot Service : makes it easy to create and animate conversational bots to enrich customer experience
  • Azure OpenAI : integrates with OpenAI's advanced language models such as ChatGPT 4, while benefiting from the security features offered by Microsoft Azure

Azure AI for Data Scientists

Data scientists are an important population within AI projects. Microsoft Azure provides them with what they need to successfully complete their data analytics and modeling projects :

  • Azure Machine Learning Studio : an integrated, end-to-end interface for quickly building, training, and deploying sophisticated machine learning models, including MLOps capabilities, automation, and open source interoperability
  • Azure Data Factory : data integration service for data transformation and use in AI projects, thanks to a multitude of connectors (+90), and creation of ETL and ELT pipelines in CI/CD environment

Our offer around Microsoft Azure AI

  • Consulting : guide you in choosing the best AI solution that considers the existing situation and your business needs
  • Development : support you in the development of AI models, from requirement design to deployment
  • Integration : helping you migrate your AI data flows and applications to dedicated AI cloud platforms
  • Training : train and raise awareness among your employees on the solutions used, based on best practices in AI
  • Maintenance : provide you with real and continuous support for maintaining, updating, and securing your AI applications
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