Docker for continuous integration and development

Docker for continuous integration and development

Docker for continuous integration and development
Docker and the container revolution

Founded in 2013, Docker is a software platform that enables developers and administrators to set up common, automated environments . This is to optimize their collaboration, especially during the deployment and acceptance phases of applications.

Docker derives its efficiency from containers that incorporate code and its dependencies (system tools, configuration files, ...) to run the application regardless of the type of IT infrastructure, physical or virtual. The advantage is to constitute unique, isolated, and transportable objects, in a reliable and secure way.

The container directly uses the operating system of its host machine to build and run applications. It can run on Linux and Windows .

Docker is widely used by DevOps engineers , and many companies have introduced it into their systems, such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google.

Benefits of using Docker
  • Adaptability : Available on multiple operating systems: Windows, MacOs, and Linux
  • Portability : Docker offers the possibility to test and deploy containers on your computer locally or on a remote server
  • Efficiency : saves time on collaboration between developers and system administrators
  • Modularity : ability to manage and break down solutions into independent containers with different resource levels
  • Speed : Fast docker container startup times
  • Independence : each container is independent from the others; it is thus possible to change or update a container without impacting other installed containers
  • Simplicity : ease of installation of the container: a command line is enough to execute a Docker file, and build a Docker image
Our offer around Docker
  • Integration of Docker and its containers into existing application development environments
  • Implementation of the Docker containerization system for new application projects
  • Design and customization of Docker images
  • Support through the implementation of CI / CD pipelines
  • Installation and configuration of Docker containers
  • Deployment of Docker applications to the cloud using a PAAS model
  • Development of monitoring solutions for measuring container performance
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