Power BI integration

Power BI integration


Power BI : Microsoft's reporting solution

Microsoft Power BI is a reporting tool that enables CIOs and other stakeholders in the company to create custom dashboards and reports from a variety of data sources.

The solution, ergonomic and intuitive, offers advanced data visualization features, such as sophisticated graphs, maps, trees and several other types of useful representations of your data (hundreds of visualizations available).

Power BI also offers native integration with commonly used BI tools such as Excel or SQL Server, as well as built-in AI capabilities to extract the most relevant insights. For example, using the Report Builder tool, that can integrate with SQL Server Reporting Services, paginated reports can be created from various data sources.

Collaboration is also possible by allowing users to easily share their dashboards and reports with their colleagues, which facilitates combined and synchronized decision-making.

Finally, in terms of security, the reporting data is protected using dedicated features, such as privacy labels, double encryption, or real-time access control.


Benefits of the Power BI solution

  • Fast development to meet business demands
  • Centralization and synthesis of data
  • Cloud and On-Premise Solutions
  • Easy access to reports from a web browser or a mobile app
  • Ability to use other languages such as Python or R for data mining


Our Offer Around Power BI

  • Study and analysis of the Power BI project
  • Design and technical architecture of the project
  • Data modeling : Identification of data sources, grouping in a Datawarehouse, restructuring in Datamarts for optimized performance, etc.
  • Development of ETL pipelines to load data into Data warehouses and/or Datamarts (in Talend or SSIS)
  • Development of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Development of intuitive dashboards to visualize data and paginated reports
  • Patch and scalable maintenance of existing Power BI reports
  • Power BI training : train employees to explore the tool's capabilities and features for optimal and efficient use
  • Data management audit : Perform a data management audit to optimize the use of the Power BI solution by controlling data quality and processes


Frequently used Power BI tools

  • Power BI Desktop to connect to sources, model and build interactive dashboards
  • Report Builder (formerly SSRS) to build paginated reports (spreadsheet format adapted to Excel)
  • Power BI Service, online interface to visualize and interact with live reports, share them with collaborators or schedule automatic mailings
  • Analyze in Excel, used to connect to a Power BI data model and generate dynamic pivot tables

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