Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

A cloud Computing enables the management of material and application resources to be outsourced: virtualization, network, computing power, storage, machine learning, etc.

All these resources can be interconnected to your internal systems or your on-site data centers: we speak of Hybrid Cloud.

Supported public cloud providers
Our support offer towards a cloud Computing
  • Study of your project and support in choosing a cloud provider
  • Definition of a coherent cloud architecture and study of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS needs
  • Cost optimization plan
  • DevOps Strategy
  • Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud
  • Integration of systems and applications in the public cloud
  • Maintenance and security of cloud infrastructure
The advantages of a cloud Computing?
  • Take advantage of powerful ready-to-use tools which are often complex and expensive to set up in a private context: artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation ...
  • An infrastructure with elastic capacity and easily scalable to cope with peaks of activity
  • Access to PaaS (Platform as a Service) services allowing development, database or web server environments to be set up without worrying about the infrastructure part
  • Facilitate many projects such as DevOps (deployment automation), Load Balancing
  • Better networking thanks to SD-WAN
  • Costs in line with your consumption
  • An infrastructure that is both secure and outward-facing
  • Reduce the risk of failure on your physical servers thanks to virtualization
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