ActiveMQ and microservices

ActiveMQ and microservices

ActiveMQ : Pioneer of messaging services

Released in 2004, ActiveMQ is a popular open-source messaging platform, developed in Java and supports the most popular communication protocols. It optimizes message exchange and synchronizes corporate data.

ActiveMQ provides many dynamic and powerful features.Background cluster and node management ensure high availability and continuity of data access even in the event of a failure.

This messaging platform functions as a Java Message Service provider through which client applications communicate. It facilitates combined queue management and asynchronous communication between services, enabling reliable storage and secure message delivery.

Finally, ActiveMQ is compatible with many multilingual platforms and clients : JavaScript, C, C++, Python, .Net, etc., making it versatile and flexible for rapid implementation of enterprise messaging solutions.

The advantages of the ActiveMQ platform

  • Reliability : guarantees high message reliability thanks to its architecture based on the AMQP protocol
  • Flexibility : supports multiple messaging models (queues, publish/subscribe, direct and routing exchanges, etc.)
  • Performance : is highly scalable and can process large amounts of messages thanks to efficient node management
  • Integration : provides easy integration with multiple programming languages and frameworks
  • Ecosystem : capitalizes on a rich and dynamic ecosystem, materialized by an active community and a multitude of plugins and extensions

Our offer on ActiveMQ

  • Consulting : assess our partners messaging needs and define the best ActiveMQ architecture that fits their existing infrastructure
  • Installation and configuration : assistance for optimal deployment of ActiveMQ
  • Development : design and implementation of applications that use ActiveMQ for communication
  • Audit and support : identification of bottlenecks, optimization of the configuration of communication and queues, incident resolution, …
  • Training : employee skills development by training and raising awareness on ActiveMQ best practices
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