Docker and microservices

Docker and microservices


Microservices applications and Docker : a modular and efficient solution

Docker is a lightweight platform for autonomous container virtualization, enabling you to design isolated and secure environments for applications.

With the rise of DevOps and containerization, Docker is positioned as an ideal tool for building, deploying and managing applications with a microservices architecture.

Combining Docker with a container orchestrator (such as Kubernetes) addresses complex issues such as scalability (managing high loads) and managing continuous deployment.

Finally, encapsulating microservices in Docker containers ensures predictable and consistent functionality regardless of their runtime environment.


The benefits of using Docker for implementing microservices applications

Les cas d’usage du machine learning en entreprise


  • Each microservice application integrated into Docker containers has its own model and data, promoting development and deployment autonomy
Les cas d’usage du machine learning en entreprise


  • Containerization via Docker, combined with microservices architecture, promotes the coexistence of several technologies and languages on the same production platform, allowing CIOs to ensure they use the most efficient solutions according to their needs
Les cas d’usage du machine learning en entreprise

Scalability and availability

  • Docker containers can be easily scaled horizontally (in combination with a container orchestrator like Kubernetes) to meet spikes in user demand and maximize availability
Les cas d’usage du machine learning en entreprise


  • By using Docker containers, development teams can ensure that their microservices are running in a predictable manner regardless of the deployment environment


Our Docker offering for microservices

  • Requirement analysis : accompany our partners to collect, identify and scope their needs
  • Design a Docker container based architecture suitable for microservices applications
  • Configuring Docker container images that integrate with microservices applications
  • Migrating existing applications to Docker containers to maximize scalability and portability
  • Support through the implementation of CI / CD pipelines
  • Deploy containerized microservices applications with Docker on dedicated infrastructure or cloud

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