Integration of the Cisco Meraki solution

Integration of the Cisco Meraki solution


Cisco Meraki : Cloud-managed network solution

Cisco Meraki is the leading networking solution managed from the Cloud (around ten million connected devices). Indeed, it allows you to expand your network in 190 countries and has 16 data centers strategically distributed around the world.

Meraki's offer includes :

  • A cloud-hosted controller as a SaaS solution.
  • Physical installation (hardware).

It is therefore a hybrid cloud technology.

The platform enables the deployment of large-scale networks using automation and machine learning. It is based on artificial intelligence to transform the billions of data received into meaningful information.

Optimization, reliability and innovation are the key elements of this scalable architecture. Cisco Meraki offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with a powerful network dashboard to configure, monitor, manage and optimize your network. The interface offers as well an organizational view of each network on a single page. This allows you to quickly detect potential problems, track and analyze the performance of each network and the connections between network components and connected devices.

With 550 API features, vyou can easily integrate company data and automate procedures across your various networks. Plus, there are hundreds of apps available to fulfill the needs of your ecosystem.


Benefits of Cisco Meraki Integration

Grow your business across multiple locations around the world

  • The Cisco Meraki platform architecture makes it the ideal solution to scale your network globally. Indeed, it offers the opportunity to develop, integrate and create new networks very quickly without technical difficulties.

Deploy networks quickly

  • With a centralized configuration to enforce your company's standards and your security policies, new networks can be deployed in minutes.

Ensuring scalability with reliability and security

  • Cisco Meraki is defined as an adaptive solution that grows with your business. Thanks to its flexibility, it adapts to meet your growth, change, and migration needs.

    Reliability and security are integral to the platform's benefits. Thus, the data is replicated from several independent centers, and there is an automated processing against failures.

    Managing updates with Meraki is simple and automated based on preferences. Your network is protected by ongoing security updates.

    Security and compliance standards are strict (PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II). Cisco Meraki benefits from, among other things :

    • Intrusion protection and firewall.
    • 2-factor authentication and management of administrator rights.

    The SASE infrastructure also allows for the secure management of remote, mobile and casual visitors.

Speed up repetitive tasks on the network

  • With a variety of APIs and integrations, it's easy to optimize repetitive or time-consuming tasks and automate the deployment and management of your networks.

    Cisco-Meraki's API platform is the market leader. Developers benefit from detailed documentation, API versioning, and a software development kit (SDK) based on :

    • Python
    • OpenAPI
    • Reconnaissance Android/REST conventions over HTTP with JSON data

    The various available applications enable you to adapt and upgrade the platform to meet all your needs.


Our offer around Cisco Meraki

LOGIGROUP supports you in your efforts to :

  • Identify your needs
  • Choose the right Meraki solutions
  • Complete the order
  • Deploy and integrate equipment into the platform
  • Manage system configurations (according to your security standards)
  • Train your teams and help you get started with the solution


The different Cisco solutions


  • Secure and managed SD-WAN (MX routers, Catalyst and MS Switch) in the cloud. Connect any user and every site to all your applications on the WAN with respect to your security policies, without impacting speed or user experience. You have cellular gateways (VMs) to connect networks with reliable 5G wireless as well as secure remote worker gateways with an “always-on” VPN (compatible with Meraki or other equipment). This solution can be integrated into any type of existing Cisco infrastructure.
  • Connected IoT solutions : Create intuitive, intelligent, and secure experiences for your customers and employees with the suite of smart cameras, environmental sensors, and cloud-managed IoT applications.


  • Access points : benefit from an exceptional wireless experience with Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E and now Wi-Fi 7 that provides a secure, robust and IoT-ready network.
  • Wireless controllers : monitor your network remotely in real-time and benefit from high reliability by detecting and neutralizing threats while maximizing network uptime.
  • Network management : Improve the management of your Cisco network and optimize its performance.

Cisco Spaces

  • Organize your workspace with Cisco Spaces. Enjoy a hybrid workspace that connects people and things in your building through your Cisco network infrastructure :

    • Smart workspaces for a hybrid workplace that improves productivity, health, and employee use of the workspace. Map and improve your network infrastructure by monitoring air quality, temperature, humidity, and space occupancy rate.
    • With Smart operations and Smart venues, you can manage how people and things interact in your workspace. Evaluate and optimize space utilization across all your buildings and track flows and visits.


  • Splunk (SIEM solution for Cybersecurity): a tailor-made AI-driven security and observability solution.
  • Cisco Secure Connect (including AnyConnect): A cloud-based SASE solution that securely connects hybrid users by maximizing productivity.
  • Cisco Secure Firewall : A resilient secure firewall to harmonize security across your networks, workplace, and applications.
  • Cisco Secure Endpoint for securing your endpoints: Provides advanced protection to detect and remediate threats as early as possible.
  • Cisco Secure Email : Secures your employees' email and protects your organization with AI-powered threat detection.
  • Cisco Secure Access Duo : A multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution for endpoint security.
  • Cisco Umbrella : Simple, modern cloud security to protect data, devices, and remote users from anywhere with DNS and HSE security.
  • Cisco Multicloud Defense : Security for all types of cloud environments with a SaaS model.
  • Cisco XDR : To unify and simplify security procedures, establish priorities with AI, and automate threat remediation.
  • Cisco Thousand Eyes : Visualize internet and WAN performance to understand the impact of each network on application performance.
  • Cisco Hypershield : A security architecture designed with AI that protects the entire network infrastructure.
  • Talos : a leading research center in Cybersecurity, it identifies and helps companies respond to emerging threats through rapid security updates.


  • Sensors (gamme MT) : (MT Series): Environmental sensors that make your workspaces resilient and sustainable. Breakdowns are resolved quickly, your working environment is controlled (temperature, humidity, leaks and access to IT infrastructure), and air quality is improved.
  • Cameras (MV Series): Smart and cloud-based cameras that manage security, access control and system status with remote troubleshooting. In addition, each camera has built-in video storage and processing.

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