The Data Migration Process

The Data Migration Process


The different types of data Migration

Data migration operations are strategic and common for companies evolving their information systems.

They can take several forms, such as database migration, application migration, or migration from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.. Regardless of the scenario, meticulous planning and preparation are essential to minimize the financial impact on your business.


Logigroup supports you in the planning and implementation of your migrations

A successful migration requires careful preparation and rigorous technical execution. Logigroup helps you meet the challenge of data migration. Our offer includes :

Database migration

  • Migration of database management systems (Example : from Oracle to MSSQL)
  • Upgrading your database management systems to a higher version

Migrating to the cloud

  • Migration resources from on-premise to the cloud (VM, database, EDM, ...)
  • Transfer from one cloud environment to another (Example: Amazon AWS to Microsoft Azure)

Application migration

  • Migrating your business application to a new environment from a legacy application to a modern application
  • Create a single repository for your data from multiple sources via ETL (Example: Talend Studio)
  • Adapting your data following a radical change in data schema to make it compatible with the new schema

Storage migration

  • Migrating the physical storage of your data Example: migrating from an EDM (electronic document management) to a solution like Sharepoint


Added Value of a Migration

A migration often meets one or more of these objectives :

  • Reduced costs : a migration to the cloud eliminates the need to invest in purchasing and maintaining physical hardware, as well as paying only for the storage space used, without over-provisioning
  • Strengthening the company's cybersecurity : For example, an outdated version of software is likely to contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited. An upgrade allows you to install the patches that will protect your business
  • Performance optimization and increased productivity : unlike an on-premise environment, the cloud allows each employee to access their business applications from any location, facilitates collaboration and brings agility to your company, for improved productivity, flexibility and efficiency
  • A better capacity for innovation : modern environments allow for greater agility, ability to exploit the potential of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence or machine learning, and offer the opportunity to imagine new business models
  • Infrastructure Compliance : Data protection and IT security regulations are constantly evolving. To achieve compliance with regulatory constraints, especially in terms of data storage, companies must take the appropriate measures by modernizing their information systems
  • Centralization and consolidation of data : Centralization and consolidation of data : the consolidation of data and its advanced analysis provide a unified and global view of the company's key information, thus allowing more effective decision-making, better adaptation to changes and more accurate business projections



Migrations are a complex and strategic process for modernizing your business infrastructure. Their preparation and deployment require expertise, technical skills, but also a specific methodology. Logigroup migrates your data to help your business improve its performance.

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