Ansible Solution Deployment

Ansible Solution Deployment


Ansible : task automation for performance

Ansible was developed in PowerShell, Python and Ruby, as early as 2012 by Michael DeHaan and acquired by RedHat in 2015.

Ansible is an open source computing platform, enabling machine deployment, configuration management, automation of launch, execution, and monitoring of tasks.

Using Playbook Ansible®, instructions are formulated using commands that can be grouped and reused in scenarios, using YAML templates.

To do this, Ansible uses SSH connections (the ability to securely store passwords with ansiblevault), which requires managed machines to be accessible through this channel. Calls are made via tasks, grouped into roles (playbooks).

Ansible Architecture

The Ansible control node is on Linux with the possibility of managing Windows systems, using WinRM (Windows Remote Management).

Ansible Engine includes the core task execution module as well as modules for basic functionality, networking, and community management.

Ansible Tower is responsible for all access management and control functions.

Ansible Inventory is a source of data on Ansible management targets organized into groups.

Ansible finally offers simple IT automation that puts an end to repetitive tasks and unlocks the potential of IT DevOps teams to accomplish higher value-added work / tasks.


Benefits of Ansible

  • Management of large machine and server fleets
  • Automation of the installation process
  • Monitoring configuration tasks
  • Framework for Application Deployment
  • Monitoring of security and compliance devices
  • Applying System Patches
  • Orchestration to simplify complex system administration tasks


Our offer around Ansible

  • Ansible’s integration : Installation, Configuration, Settings
  • Ansible's deployment
  • Support for Administrators (System, DevOps, NetOps, Cloud and Storage) for management automation of :
    • Physical devices
    • Network equipment
    • Operating systems
    • Containers
    • Virtualization
    • Cloud
    • DevOps tools
  • Implementation of analysis tools, dashboards and Ansible® Playbook
  • Assistance and training for your teams through the adaptation and mastery of the solution

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