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Microsoft Dynamics 365, the go-to solution for business process management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful solution that provides various out-of-the-box applications to manage and optimize business processes.

Through Dynamics 365, CIOs can bring together data and applications from multiple functions : finance, sales, human resources, marketing, customer relationship management, etc. in a single platform. Advanced data analysis makes it possible to have a 360° Customer and Enterprise vision and thus make the best decisions at the right time, in order to satisfy the needs of customers and employees.

The solution is hosted in Microsoft’s integrated cloud, providing accessibility, efficiency, and flexibility to work on the applications that best meet the specific needs of the business at any given time. It also easily integrates with other existing systems and tools, allowing CIOs to reduce costs and optimize their investment.

Ultimately, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a wise choice for CIOs wishing to master the company's end-to-end business processes, facilitate decision-making and generate significant performance

Benefits of integrating the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution

  • Integration with the Microsoft Azure ecosystem : One example is the Dataverse, which allows you to aggregate, exploit and cross-reference data from various Microsoft Azure cloud services for everything related to data mining
  • Cloud Solution : users can access their data and applications on the go securely
  • 360° vision of the company : all business functions are grouped into a single solution ; Removing silos to allow managing multiple applications and business functions through a single platform
  • Advanced data analytics : data transformation and leverage, integrated BI and analytics to get the most out of your data for the business and its customers
  • Native integration : intuitive integration with existing tools easing agile execution and decision-making
  • Security : Enhanced security measures in a trusted Cloud, part of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
  • Support : quality assistance for billing, technical issues and community support (guides, FAQ, telephone support, access to the community, ...)

Our offer around Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Consulting and study of business processes to set up a solution integration plan adapted to the needs of the organization
  • Customization and configuration of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform solution (Power Apps / Power Automate / Power BI) to best meet your business needs and processes
  • Support along each phase of the implementation of Dynamics 365 solutions (analysis, design, development/configuration, deployment and maintenance)
  • Recovery and maintenance of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution (recovery plan, team sizing with support, corrective and evolutionary maintenance)
  • User training and support
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