IT Systems and Networks Administration

IT Systems and Networks Administration


The challenges of IT Systems and Networks

The administration of IT systems and networks is an essential part of a structured IT Department. It is indeed necessary for them to master and monitor the systems, software, databases, and networks installed.

New practices in the administration of systems, networks and IT infrastructures are in line with new technological standards such as data analysis, cloud architecture or even ecological transition such as storage optimization and virtualization.

Security is also vital in order to guard against possible malicious attacks, which are increasingly frequent nowadays.


Our offer around IT systems and network administration

  • We provide specialized resources
  • Consulting on a specific project
  • Audit of IT infrastructures and systems
  • Design and implementation of a virtualization policy
  • Design and implementation of a group policy
  • Design and implementation of a cybersecurity policy
  • Network supervision (LAN/MAN/WAN),infrastructure and IT systems
  • Analysis and resolution of technical incidents
  • Administration and maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • User support and responding user requests
  • Verifying your network’s compliance with your internal policy
  • Management of network’s technical documentation


Areas of intervention around IT systems and networks

Network administration and maintenance

  • Architecture and implementation of secure network infrastructures: Router / Switch / Firewall / VLANs / VPN / ...
  • Network supervision and Level 1 & 2 interventions
  • Network audit
  • Support, maintenance, monitoring and optimization of networks

Administration and maintenance of systems

  • Administration of servers, virtual machines, and workstations
  • Database administration: Oracle / SQL Server / MariaDB...
  • Administration of Windows / Linux systems
  • Administration of Windows server roles : AD / GPO / ADFS / WSUS
  • Administration of business applications (Sage,...)
  • Administration of collaborative tools(Exchange, SharePoint, office 365, etc.)
  • Supervision of IT systems and Level 1 & 2 interventions
  • IT systems Audit
  • Maintenance, monitoring and optimization of IT systems
  • User Support and guidance

Administration and migration to the public cloud

Cybersecurity of information systems :

  • Consulting :
    • Implementation of CAP (Continuity Plan) and SAP (Security Plan) as part of Information Security Management System (ISMS)
    • Risk assessment
    • Assistance on upgrading
    • Awareness
    • Communication
  • Integration :
    • Remediation
    • Technical assistance
    • Architecture evolutions
    • Accompaniment through the management of information security management systems (ISMS) : planning, implementation of solutions, monitoring and maintenance
  • Audit :
    • Systems Audit
    • Network Audit
    • Application Audit


The advantages we offer for system and network administration

  • System administration chain end-to-end
  • Possibility of outsourcing offshore
  • Partnerships and relationships with market leaders

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