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Our methodologies

Development methodology : Agile (Scrum)

Dynamic and participatory approach facilitating reorientation if necessary :

  • Communication : All project information is communicated to the entire team
  • Evaluation : Regular control of the smooth running of operations
  • Reactivity : Adjustment of orientations if necessary
Image de la Méthodologie de développement
Sprint planning
Scrum Master
Every 24h
Sprint review
Sprint backlog
Product backlog
User Stories
A classic V-cycle to agility, measured accompaniment
Expression of needs
Validation of needs
Functional Specifications
Functional validation
System Architect
System Tests
detailed Specifications
Integration tests
Development and configuration
Development methodology : V cycle

Approach principally based on a sequential and linear project management :

  • Descending flow : Detail the product until its realization
  • Ascending flow : Validate the product until its recipe

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