Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Integrity

Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Integrity


Understanding Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) covers all the processes and technological tools to build a unified view of the company's master data.

MDM focuses on ensuring the consistency and quality of data for operations and decision-making completeness, reliability, and timeliness.

Today, the same data is duplicated, shared, or re-entered on various applications across different departments of the company. The MDM system makes it possible to identify, clean and standardize data in order to create reference data : single, complete and up-to-date version (golden record).

Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Integrity

Most MDM solutions offer the following features :

Data administration

  • Rights and Privacy Management
  • Metadata Management
  • Versioning
  • Data lifecycle management (from entry to validation)

Data enhancement

  • Manipulation of unstructured data (Big Data)
  • Access to external data sources (Customer data, Markets, ...)

Data quality

  • Handling duplicates and inconsistencies
  • Traceability and audit trails

Data integration

  • Services for collecting and sharing reference data (ETL, Web Services, etc.)

In the era of Big Data, hyper-personalization, and the evolution of regulatory contexts (GDPR, IFRS, ...), MDM is an essential tool for CIOs wishing to bring value and impact both internally and to customers.


MDM : Business Benefits

Unified Data Vision

  • Standardizes and centralizes the data in a single access point

Improved productivity

  • Increases operational efficiency by facilitating access to information

General access

  • Ensures enterprise-wide availability and reliability of business-critical data

Optimized costs

  • Reduces expenses for recollecting and reprocessing data

Quality control

  • Provides and maintains the quality of data necessary for good decision-making

Satisfied customers

  • Promotes customer satisfaction through personalization, anticipation and proactivity

High security

  • Secures data assets and mitigates operational risks

Increased responsiveness

  • Gives the ability to respond better and faster to business expectations


Our offer around Master Data Management

  • Support, advise and integrate MDM solutions from the market, for an effective management of high data volumes :
    • Talend MDM: Comprehensive, cloud-compatible platform with advanced master data management capabilities
    • Informatica MDM: Advanced solution covering the entire data lifecycle, from acquisition to delivery
    • SAP MDG/MDM: MDM solution that can integrate seamlessly with existing SAP solutions and provides centralized master data management capabilities
  • Design and development of specific MDM solutions respecting the 4 levers of data governance: availability, ease / reliability of use, integrity and security
  • Design and development of ETL pipelines and necessary mechanisms for feeding the MDM system and redistribution data to different applications
  • Maintaining the MDM system in operational condition and making the necessary updates to accommodate changing data structures and additional systems

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