Python specific development for AI and Machine Learning

Python specific development for AI and Machine Learning


Python, Machine Learning and Automation

Python is an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible open source programming language. It was originally intended as a scripting language to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

This computer language grew gradually popular and is now being used on different reliable and high-performance IT solutions for Machine Learning (ML) & AI, Web applications, programs, etc.

It is also one of the most advanced AI technologies, given that most ML libraries are based on Python interfaces.


Advantages of Python Programming

A wide selection of libraries

Thanks to the rich list of libraries it provides, developers can handle all types of projects using Python. Pandas is one of these libraries, specifically designed for data manipulation and analysis.

With Python and Pandas, you can :

  • Analyze data from different sources
  • Create data frameworks
  • Perform aggregate analyses, …

Other interesting libraries include :

  • Pytorch : for deep learning and the design of neural network models
  • Transformers : for structures’ transformation by atomic substitutions
  • SpaCy : for natural language processing

These libraries are the key to develop high-performance solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

Powerful yet simple and versatile language

Python is popular not only for the mentioned features but also for its ease of use. Whether you're a trained developer or a new hire, you'll find the code easy to read and write.

Though simple to use, Python remains a powerful and versatile language to develop high-quality ML programs and models.

A rich and dynamic ecosystem

Python is not meant only for Artificial Intelligence but all types of programs and applications.

Here are some useful features for developers :

  • Writing system scripts
  • Automating interactions with browsers
  • System provisioning
  • Creating web services and RESTful APIs
  • Metaprogramming and code generation

Python also facilitates the development of security tools through scripting and vulnerability testing automation.

A wide community

Python has been a popular programming language throughout the years and thus relies on a large community of developers in case of technical problems.

Thanks to its popularity, updates are regularly scheduled to satisfy the latest requirements in web development and Machine Learning. In other words, Python is not dying in any sense !


Our Python offer

We offer you assistance in the set-up of Machine Learning, AI and Big Data solutions based on the best Python libraries.

We develop machine learning solutions for :

Data processing and analysis

  • Data integrity insurance using data cleansing and remediating
  • Big Data processing with Pandas
  • Data analysis using ML methods (PCA, CFA, mixed analysis, ...)
  • Data processing automation
  • Data visualization using libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn

Machine Learning Model Development

  • Customized conception of algorithms
  • Use of popular frameworks like Pytorch, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, and Spacy
  • Model Optimization and Evaluation

Solution Deployment and Integration

  • Production deployment of the implemented solutions
  • Performance monitoring and control

Big Data Application Development

  • Building Data Processing Pipeline
  • Planning and scheduling data workflows using Apache Airflow
  • Implementing Data Transformation Processing (RDD) solutions using Pyspark

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