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Angular, for the front-end development of web, mobile or business applications

Angular is a widely used JavaScript framework for cross-platform desktop, web and mobile application development. Its architecture, based on a set of components, makes it possible to design web applications that are both dynamic and scalable. The Angular framework offers built-in libraries that bundle a wide variety of features, including routing, form handling, client-server communication, and more. Angular technology is mainly used for Front-end development, whether for a web or mobile application.


Full expertise in Angular development

We develop powerful and robust applications thanks to an expert team in web development and a proven methodology. Our teams of expert engineers on Angular technology support you throughout your project using a dynamic and participatory approach. This approach promotes both a clear initial vision of your project and regular monitoring of the smooth running of operations until the final delivery of the web or mobile business application, developed by us.


Our web and mobile development offer with the Angular framework

We offer a wide range of services around the Angular framework :

  • Analysis and audit of an existing web or mobile application
  • Design of front-end architecture based on the Angular Framework
  • Design of web and mobile applications
  • Web development based on the Angular Framework
  • Mobile development based on the Angular Framework
  • Redesign and Integration of the Front-end in Angular of an existing application
  • Third-party application maintenance (TPAM) of an application based on the Angular Framework

We support all versions of Angular JS framework to Angular 6 and above


Why use the Angular framework ?


  • It offers cross-platform development that allows you to design web, mobile or desktop applications, compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


  • The Angular framework makes it easy to develop solid and secure web and mobile applications thanks to its Typescript programming language delivering object-oriented code that is easy to debug.


  • Its programming language adapted for iOS and Android makes it possible to develop native mobile applications enabling an improved customer experience.

Open source

  • As one of the oldest free frameworks, it benefits from a large community, detailed documentation and regular updates.


  • It offers better productivity thanks to adapted IDEs, reusable components and increased performance.


When to use Angular technology ?

  • Design of business applications
  • Design of web applications
  • Creation of mobile applications
  • Development of applications compliant with a micro-services architecture


Some examples of using Angular technology

  • Mastercard
  • Istock Photo
  • Sandisk
  • Google Express
  • Microsoft Customer

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