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Ruby on Rails : a simple framework for complex web projects

Ruby On Rails, also known as RoR or Rails, is an Open-Source Framework created in 2004 to facilitate and accelerate the web application development process.

It is based on two fundamental principles:

  • Don’t Repeat Yourself, the principle that each piece of information should only be available once.
  • Convention Over Configuration, the principle according to which the developer must first and foremost make his decisions based on pre-established conventions.

In terms of programming, Ruby On Rails is based on the Ruby language, simple and intuitive. From an architectural point of view, it follows the MVC design scheme for Model, View and Controller, which is characterized by the interconnection of the three layers.

The predefined design structure allows the developer to focus on the business logic rather than technique. Adopted by many innovative companies, Ruby On Rails is firmly a pragmatic and effective solution, serving the performance and productivity of its users.


Benefits of Ruby on Rails

Open Source

  • Accessible in Open Source, free and independent ; it is managed by a team of developers who constantly bring it new updates and security for optimal use


  • Designed to be flexible and adaptable to the specificities of each web application ; it thus promotes a personalized and tailor-made approach for the most demanding customers and users

Quick to learn

  • The framework is intuitive and easy to use; it is based on pre-established conventions, which has made it easier to understand and exploit Ruby code

Easy to test

  • Easy to test and maintain ; it is based on unit and functional tests, which allow errors to be detected and corrected quickly without altering the overall operations of the applications


Our intervention scope in Ruby on Rails

Logigroup has put together a team of expert consultants able to assist you in the creation of Web applications in Ruby On Rails.

We propose our services on :

  • Understanding and framing your needs
  • Design the best technical solution to carry out your project
  • Develop your apps with Ruby on Rails
  • Maintain your existing applications (TPAM)

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