SAS Development

SAS Development


SAS: leader in Data Mining and Advanced Analytics

SAS is a world leader in Data Mining and Advanced Analytics. An American solution that offers a wide range of analytical features : statistical, predictive, textual analysis, etc., and this by exploiting structured and unstructured data repositories.

SAS simplifies the preparation of data from various sources, as well as the development of statistical and predictive models.

Through automated and interactive processes that run in real time, a simplified interface, and dynamic dashboards, CIOs can anticipate and act quickly.


SAS Benefits for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Proven experience in advanced analytics, with +30% market share (IDC Research)
  • A solution that makes it possible to address specific issues in various sectors of activity (credit scoring, attrition scoring, analysis of clinical data, agricultural yield data, etc.)
  • A large library of algorithms (hundreds of functions available)
  • A simple and informative user interface to develop statistical or predictive models
  • Sophisticated textual analysis thanks to advanced language features
  • A collaborative spirit allowing users to share their models and best practices


Our offer around the SAS tool

Les avantages de l’intelligence artificielle (IA)

Integration of the SAS tool

  • Bring our expertise to implement the complete SAS solution for our customers
Les avantages de l’intelligence artificielle (IA)

SAS tool administration

  • Support users to facilitate the administration of their SAS platform via the SAS Analytics Platform, SAS Management Console and SAS Environment Manager modules
Les avantages de l’intelligence artificielle (IA)

Setting up the SAS tool

  • Help our partners set up all their SAS applications
Les avantages de l’intelligence artificielle (IA)

User training

  • Train employees and make them aware of the best practices of SAS functions

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