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React.js, a JavaScript library

React is a JavaScript library that has been very successful in recent years. Designed by Facebook in 2013, it allows a rapid and dynamic development of web interfaces thanks to reusable components. It also offers new capabilities allowing a clear evolution of the user experience, whether on web browser or mobile application with its derivative React Native.

Via React.js, it is possible to design complex user interfaces from simple components. In addition, the reuse of independent bits of code speeds up development and minimizes errors.

Increasingly used by developers, React.js offers a wide range of features for creating virtual DOMs, integrating with other libraries and frameworks, or managing components. For example, it easily integrates with the Redux library to manage web application states, and with the React Native framework to create native iOS and Android mobile applications using JavaScript.


The advantages of an application developed in React

  • A simplified development experience
  • Faster application development thanks to the reuse of components developed in React
  • React can integrate easily with other libraries
  • A visible performance thanks to its DOM management
  • A JavaScript language specific to React, simple to read and write


Our application development offers with React.js, Redux and React Native

  • Web or mobile project study and validation of the technical choice
  • Design and architecture of a technical application
  • Interface design and UX optimization (User Experience)
  • Web application development in React.js and Redux
  • Mobile app development in React Native
  • Corrective and evolutionary maintenance of web or mobile application

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