Google Cloud Platform Integration

Google Cloud Platform Integration

Google Cloud Platform Integration
Google Cloud Platform, cloud services redesigned by Google

Google Cloud platform was created in 2011 and has grown steadily since its launch to reach a global market share of 9% in the last quarter of 2021 (source: Statista).

Reliability, security and innovation are at the heart of the developments made by Google Cloud Platform in recent years. The modular solution facilitates the digital transformation for CIOs and reduces the management time of the infrastructure. Storing, analyzing, calculating, and developing become simpler.

Google Cloud platform offers a simple and intuitive graphical user interface for quick and optimal experience. Their APIs provide access to the various google services and enable resource management.

The best of Google gives companies the power to design a new user experience and accelerate their IT initiatives.

Google Cloud migration management

Migrating to Google Cloud provides businesses with an innovative and robust technology ecosystem, facilitating advanced data analytics, storage, application development, and the ability to leverage Google AI products, solutions, and services.

You can migrate a variety of resources to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including some examples below :

  • Virtual Machines / Servers : deploy your infrastructure within the GCP Cloud
  • Databases : Migrate your databases to Cloud SQL or Cloud Firestore, etc
  • Storage : Use Cloud Storage or Persistent Disk storage services to securely host your data, as well as manage your backups and recover from disasters
  • Web Apps : Deploy and manage your web apps through Google App Engine
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Services : Integrate multiple AI capabilities with your applications using Google Cloud AI Platform
  • Internet of Things (IoT) : Exploitation and visualization of IoT data using Cloud IoT Core for importing and processing collected data directly in Google Cloud Platform. The broad partnerships (ClearObject, Aeris, Litmus, etc.) allow you to customize and manage your IoT solutions
  • Container Services : Deployment of containers with Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Security : Authorization and authentication management through Cloud Identity and Access Management. The Chronicle Security Operations Suite, Mandiant's Digital Risk Protection integrations as well as Security Command Center, Cloud Key Management, Policy Intelligence, Risk Protection Program and other solutions offer a full range of cybersecurity products to secure the transition to the Cloud
Benefits of Google Cloud Platform
  • Budget control by adjusting the resources allocated based on needs.
  • Access to a multitude of data centers spread across four continents .
  • SLA (Service-Level Agreement) 99.5% availability for a single instance and up to 99.9% for multiple instances with Load Balancing, thus allowing a very high availability of hosted services.
  • A flexible backup strategy, with several options available to satisfy the back-up strategy required enabling on-demand or automated backup options
    • Regional
    • Multi-regional
    • Snapshot
  • A range of on-demand services for the most specific needs:
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • IoT
    • CI/CD, …
  • Cybersecurity: High level of security on physical aspects (unauthorized access, natural disasters, ...) or logic (AI-assisted Firewall to protect against DDoS attacks, protection against Bot fraud thanks to ReCaptcha, …).
Our services around Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

For your digital transformation towards the Cloud and more particularly towards Google Cloud Platform, Logigroup offers you its tailored support services :


  • Design of the Cloud architecture: private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, …
  • Implementation and maintenance of dedicated infrastructure: VLANs, VPC, Firewall, VPN
  • Network Security
  • Requirement engineering and scope development
  • Feasibility study and technical audit
  • Configuration and deployment of solutions
  • Optimization and upgrade of the IT infrastructure
  • Adaptation to the evolutions of customer requirements and specifications


  • Cloud-native or Serverless Application development
  • Simplified deployment automation and scaling with Kubernetes
  • Development of API Gateway with Google API
  • CI / CD pipelines: Facilitating continuous integration and deployment

Business Intelligence:

  • Data Warehousing: secure storage of ready to use big data
  • Data Lake (ETL processing)
  • AI geospatial analysis (Earth Engine, Google Maps Platform, …)


  • Machine Learning (low-cost Deep Learning and Machine Learning training on a specialized infrastructure)
  • Compute Engine (virtual machine, storage, VM Manager and Bare Metal solution)
  • Monitoring (SLO supervision, tailor-made metrics and alerts, dashboards, …)
  • IoT (complete service to manage data from devices distributed around the world on a large scale)
Comparison of Google Cloud Platform / Azure / AWS services
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Azure AWS
Features GCP offers better integration by SDK and API, as well as with other Google services Azure is fairly comprehensive in terms of features and simple integration with other Microsoft services AWS feature-rich with 200 services available
Free trial GCP offers $300 of free credits and more than 20 usable products usable within the limits of the quotas set here Azure give a credit of $200 (usable for 30 days) in addition to 40 free services within the quotas specified here AWS offers a 12-month free trial on a selection of services and more than 30 services that are always free under the conditions listed here
Price Calculator The 3 platforms offer online calculators to estimate the consumption cost according to the required configuration:
Availability The 3 services offer a fairly similar percentage of availability (over 99%), thus making this factor a less decisive selection element
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