Node.js development

Node.js development

Node.js is a JavaScript-based Back-End Framework, allowing a new approach to dynamic web site and application development. We have developed a comprehensive expertise around this technology.

Our service offer around Node.js
  • Audit and analysis of existing application with a back-end in Node.js
  • Application Development in Node.js
  • TPM (Third Party Maintenance) applications based on Node.js
For what back-end purpose Is Node.js used ?

Node.js is widely used for resource-intensive applications or real-time applications (RTAs), and reduces their processing time by improving the UX (User Experience).

Node.js is nowadays used by major sites with high demands like Uber, AirBnb or Walmart.

The advantages of Node.js are numerous :

  • Ideal for applications handling a large number of client requests
  • Very fast by use of the V8 engine
  • Asynchronous processing (non-blocking model) enabling an efficient managing for the administrator, even for big numbers of request
  • Allows you to benefit from all the potential of JavaScript back-end side
  • An active community
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