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Development in Node.js


Web application development in Node.js

Node.js is an open source software platform using Google's V8 JavaScript engine. It allows the development of fast and scalable applications through the use of JavaScript on both the Client and Server side.

The tool can handle many simultaneous requests to the server, which is very useful for applications that need to launch several operations.

The Node.js developer community is also very active. Multiple libraries and open access modules favor development times and optimize application security.

Ultimately, the power, lightness and flexibility of Node.js makes it a tool of choice for CIOs looking for continuous efficiency.


When to use a Node.js back-end ?

Node.js is widely used for resource-intensive applications or RTA (Real-time applications), it reduces their processing times and improving the UX (User Experience).

Node.js is now used by major sites experiencing high demand such as Uber, AirBnb or Walmart.


The advantages of Node.js

  • Ideal for applications handling a large number of customer queries
  • Very fast thanks to its v8 engine
  • Asynchronous processing (non-blocking model) for efficient handling of bulk requests
  • Allows you to take advantage of all the power of JavaScript on the back-end side
  • An active community


Our service offers around Node.js

  • Audit and analysis of existing application with a back-end in Node.js
  • Application development in Node.js
  • TPAM (Third-Party Application Maintenance) of Node.js based applications

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