Progressive Web Application Development

Progressive Web Application Development

Progressive Web Application Development
The progressive web application or the next-generation web experience

PWA, abbreviation for Progressive Web App, is an application for displaying a web page with the graphical rendering and user experience offered by a native application. It is available via a secure URL on any type of device and does not require a download or large storage space.

PWAs are developed with common Web languages favoring good indexing on search engines. Each user can access it quickly on all browsers and devices.

In terms of accessibility and adaptability, it is possible to:

  • Browse a PWA while offline or despite low internet speed thanks to cache management via a Service Worker
  • Create a shortcut on the Start screen through a Manifest file
  • Full screen view option for a mobile-friendly rendering

All of this is secured using the HTTPS protocol (TLS certificate).

Finally, offering an optimal web experience with the fewest constraints and steps is a key success factor of new relational models.

PWA comparison: Web Application / Progressive Web App / Mobile Application
Web application Progressive web app Mobile app
Hosting Server Server App Store / Google Play Store
Diffusion Web browser Web browser On the Stores
Mobile mode (Offline) Not available Available Available
Installable No Yes, from the browser Yes, from the Stores
Notifications No Yes Yes
Advantages of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Accessible: no need to go through an App Store, PWAs are available immediately on the browser and via a dedicated shortcut
  • Secure: mandatory use of the HTTPS Web Protocol (TLS)
  • PSpace-efficient: very little storage space required to operate
  • Application-like: the user experience is similar to what is offered by a mobile application
  • Visible (SEO): while native applications cannot be referenced on Google, PWA content enables this possibility
  • Responsive: accessible from all types of devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) and operating systems
  • Shareable: possible to transmit the access url via the various digital communication channels
Our offer for the development of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
  • Hosting: Centralized management of all your data
  • Development: Building and deploying reliable PWA applications
  • Maintenance: Management and update of your applications
  • UX/UI design: Design of applications tailored to your user needs
  • Consulting: Recommendations on technological choices, performance, ...
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