Google AI for companies, developers and Data Scientists

Google AI for companies, developers and Data Scientists

Google has launched the Google AI platform, its complete suite of tools, products and services dedicated to artificial intelligence. This now allows companies, developers, and Data Scientists to create, train and deploy innovative Machine Learning and generative AI models.

Google AI for companies

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve performance, productivity and customer satisfaction. Those three aim to simplify day-to-day operations, explore large volumes of unstructured data and make the customer experience more personalized.

AI addresses these concerns, and among the providers of quality AI tools, products and services is Google AI.

Among the most appealing for companies :

  • Generative AI offerings : helps design new content (text, image, audio, video, etc.) using pre-existing and learning models ; among its applications, the development of voice virtual assistant dedicated to customer relations (Contact Center AI) and the realization of automatic editing of product photos (Generative AI Studio)
  • Data Science offerings : enables advanced data management and analysis to uncover insights for effective decision-making and prediction

Google AI for developers

Google provides developers interested in using AI in their applications with powerful tools that support a multitude of languages, including :

  • AutoML : build customized machine learning models quickly
  • Cloud Natural Language : generating Insights from Unstructured Data
  • Dialogflow : designing interactive cross-platform conversation interfaces
  • Document AI : manage and leverage unstructured documents to extract insights
  • Speech-to-text : convert voice to text, available in 33 languages
  • Cloud Translation : translate text using the same engine as Google Translate
  • Video AI : creating original and engaging video experiences

Google AI for Data Scientists

Google provides data scientists with powerful and innovative tools to leverage the power of AI for data analytics and modeling projects :

  • Vertex AI : a unified machine learning platform for developing AI models from data preparation, transformation, training, and deployment
  • Vertex AI Workbench : advanced development and prototyping environment, based on the execution of Notebooks and covering the entire data science chain

Our offer around Google AI

  • Consulting : advising our partners in the choice of the best AI solution taking into account the existing situation and the assigned business objectives
  • Development : supporting our customers in the development and training of AI models from design to deployment
  • Integration : helping our partners migrate their AI applications to dedicated AI cloud platforms and integrate with their systems and data flows
  • Training : train and raise awareness among our partners' employees, by presenting them with good practices in AI and increasing their skills in the solutions used
  • Maintenance : providing our customers with real and ongoing support, allowing them to maintain, update and secure their AI applications
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